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What Makes European Beef So Popular Over the Globe?

European beef is rich in natural flavour and its nutrient is beneficial for a balanced diet. The focus on quality assurance, sustainable farming and traceability makes the European cattle breeding renowned worldwide.

A significant portion of the European Food industry consists of its meat sector. European beef is one of the most desired food products consumed globally.

Statistics claim that over the span of 50 years, meat production has risen to the height of 308 million tonnes presently. IAASTD calculation states that due to rise of emerging economy, some of the major consumers are from Asian countries especially China and Korea. With extensive consumerism, these economies have been developing a lifestyle for the so-called western diet.

Why Europe is one of the major exporters?

The reason being implementation of their agricultural practices. When it comes to meat production, Europe has set a high benchmark by producing high quality meat from superior breed of cattle.

The incorporated breeding practices produce cattle of enviable lineage which provide with superior quality meat and milk. Besides, the Irish pastures give way to nutrient rich grass, optimum climate and endless pastures that are ideal for healthy cattle breeding. Therefore, European beef delivers a succulent taste and texture and it keeps attracting consumers all across the globe.

Reasons for Worldwide popularity of European beef:

Europe is recently one of the leading producers of meat for the following reasons:

1.Food security

Food poverty is basically the inability of masses to afford food as recognized by the Department of Health London. The key to Food security is the flexibility of supply. Europe is known to produce sufficient amount of healthy meat, rich in quality and flavour. Along with reasonable prices, these are the reasons why European meat becomes a priority to most Asian countries.

2.Global demand for Protein

Demand for meat has been tremendous in countries such as China, Brazil, Korea and India. With the uprising of middle class families, diet factors have changed and meat has paved way to become one of the staple food products owning to its high protein content. Therefore, Europe has been a certified meat exporter to most Asian countries.

3.Seasonal supplies

Seasonal production results in a fresh supply of meat all year round. With sufficient meat production, it will be rare to rise a shortage crisis of fresh meat. Hence, export is consistent and quality of product is top notch.

4.Providing adequate supplies to all the sectors

The amount of meat consumption varies in different countries, mostly aiding to the socio economic backgrounds of the countries. With the effect of globalization, it has resulted in most Asian countries to adopt western diet. China being one of the primary exporters requires adequate portions of beef. Hence, the European Beef market has been at the top of their game when it comes to producing sufficient amount of meat for global consumption.

European meat industry- Statistics!

The European lamb and beef processing industry has been generating revenue of approx. 21 billion euros over the span of years. The average weekly consumption was 103 gm. Fresh meat is processed and frozen with smart packaging to avoid it from getting rotten or losing its nutrients.

Today, European beef boasts of possessing a world renowned quality and rich pedigree and is infamous for its savoury flavours.


European Beef & Lamb


European way

Why is European Beef so special?

Agricultural Practices
Continuously evolving agricultural practices that go well above the norm

European cattle
Cattle that boast a world-renowned pedigree

High quality grass
European farming’s best kept secret

A perfect storm of atmospheric and weather conditions that combine to produce some of the world’s most fertile farmlands and nutrient enriched grassland

Irish agriculture

Irish agriculture

Spread across a network of 120,000 small farms, Ireland’s agricultural production uses a seamless blend of traditional craft passed down through generations and modern farming methods developed using cutting edge technology – resulting in bumper harvests and best-in-class, world-renowned cattle.

European cattle

Cattle Breeding

Today, Europe sets the benchmark for high quality cattle. Enviable lineage and exemplary breeding practices have enabled Ireland’s farmers to produce cattle that possess many benefits of different breeds – from superior conformation and marbling to fertility and milk production.

European grass

Grass Production

Ireland’s nickname is ‘The Emerald Isle’ – and for good reason. A phenomenal mix of perfect atmospheric conditions, proximity to the gulf stream and unprecedented levels of nutrient-enriched grasslands all combine to create a landscape as perfect for cattle grazing as it is beautiful.

European beef as part of a balanced diet

European beef as part of a balanced diet

European beef is full of flavour and is produced as nature intended it to be. It is perfect for a natural, balanced diet.