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How Sustainable Farming Enables a Healthy Living for the Future?

Sustainable farming is more and more used in the world. In Ireland, Origin Green encourages Irish farmers to work on food sustainability and prolong the lifespan of unique natural resources through contemporary farming.

Sustainable farming makes sure that all finished products protect the environment as well as does not compromise with future generation. It is a sustainable production of animal products, fibre and vegetables that ensures good health for both public and animals.

Sustainability means the practice where humans fulfil requirements of the present without injuring the ability of future generations to fulfil their requirements. This leads to the concept of stewardship.

Considering of consumer health and safety and requirements for rural communities, social responsibilities like living and working conditions of labourers both in the present and future come under this umbrella of stewardship of human resources. In the long run, influencing and maintaining an essential resource base falls under stewardship of land and natural resources.

Farmers behind this method follow 3 primary objectives –

a)Socio-economic equality

b)Hygienic environment

c)Economic profitability

Not only farmers, but also all other personnel are responsible for delivering the end product to consumers contribute to sustainable agriculture.

Farms, which adopting sustainable farming methods, do not utilize any form of genetically modified seeds, synthetic fertilizers, or toxic chemical pesticides. Meanwhile, they refrain from taking part in practices that would reduce the quality of natural resources like soil or water.

Additionally, they implement methods like pasture-based livestock husbandry, conservation tillage, and crop rotation. This way, sustainable agriculture promotes a healthy ecosystem and also protects biodiversity.

Efficient ways of using Natural Resources:

Natural resources play a vital role in maintaining one of the principles surrounding sustainable agriculture – ability of future generations to reproduce.

If we do not manipulate natural resources efficiently in the present day, future generations will encounter hindrance in farming agricultural and animal products.

The major natural resources contributing in sustainable farming include:

1.Water The foremost natural resource for farming, water has contributed to fostering of agriculture as well as decline of it when mishandled.

Maintaining water quality is one of the prime responsibilities in sustainable agriculture. Preventing contamination from selenium, pesticides, and nitrates as well as salinization of water, remains in high regards.

Salinization of water is one of the major causes that prevent sustainable agriculture, especially in arid regions.

Arid places suffering from drought have seen a permanent disintegration of aquifers and consistent intrusion of salt water which has led to the overdraft of groundwater. To maintain water supply in such regions, proper water storage and transfer system should come into place.

Solutions in these cases include usage of methods and techniques to reduce the effects of salts, low-volume irrigation and salt-tolerant crops.

2.Soil Another major requirement in agriculture, soil faces the threat of erosion. Soil erosion hinders its ability to produce healthy and nutritious foods.

In sustainable farming, soils take the place of a living as well as a fragile medium; it needs to be safeguarded in order to maintain its long-run productivity.

Few methods used in sustainable agriculture to maintain good quality of soil include:

3.Energy Today’s agricultural practices undergo the utilization of non-renewable energy sources like fuel but a reduction in fuel usage can hinder the agricultural production and affect an economy.

Sustainable agricultural methods minimize the use of non-renewable energy sources and concentrate more on renewable energy like wind, solar, and others for cultivation.

Currently in the world, the agricultural methods rise the concern of health risks among communities. Sustainable farming, however, is continuing to grow which has influenced the need for changing all agricultural policies set by the government.


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Sustainability - What is Origin Green ?

Origin Green: a grassroots movement with national consequences

Origin Green, an initiative from Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board. It is the only sustainability programme in the world that operates on a national scale, uniting government, the private sector and food producers. The Origin Green promise is an unprecedented one which operates in Ireland in addition to the high EU sustainability standards.

Independently verified. Co-operative goals. One united cause

Independently verified. Co-operative goals. One united cause

Independently verified, Origin Green gives Irish farmers and producers an incredible opportunity to become world leaders in sustainability, to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets – reducing environmental impact, serving local communities more effectively and protecting the extraordinarily rich natural resources that Ireland enjoys.

Green is good

Green is good

From coast to coast, from seabed to soil, every day, an ever increasing number of Ireland’s farmers and producers are signing up to Origin Green in the pursuit of our idealistic, highly-obtainable goal of 100% sustainability. It’s a bold ambition, but one that can be realised through innovative farming methods, self-imposed restrictions and more stringent ways of working.
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