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CHAN Chi Bun, Ben

CHAN Chi Bun CHAN Chi Bun


CHAN Chi Bun, Ben

Sous Chef, Gleneagles Hospital

Ben is currently sous chef at Gleneagles Hospital. Ben has developed his skills working under many Chinese masters over the past 18 years. His current position has taken him to a new level of understanding of the importance of a hygienic working environment and the role of good tasting food to generate positive energy for customers, especially to patients. As a member of the Hong Kong Culinary National Team he has won many international and regional awards. As the Champion of the 2017 California Milk Culinary Challenge, he was named one of the World Master Chefs of Cantonese Cuisine and most recently World Champion of the Chinese Cuisine World Championship. He is also entrusted with training the next generation of chefs, not just on how to compete, but to be ethical, responsible, and professional, dedicated to assisting the sustainable development of the culinary industry.