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Meat & Sport

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Keeping Fit

“There is a virtuous circle in practicing sports: The more you enjoy, the more you train; the more you train, the better you become; the better you become, the more you enjoy it.”
Pancho Gonzalez understood it well. When we begin the journey towards an active and balanced lifestyle, positive actions affect each subsequent step, little by little.
Adopting a healthy diet, capable of supporting our bodies during exercise, is one of the fundamental steps in our personal path towards wellness. Here are some tips.

The importance of
proteins and carbohydrates

Proteins and carbohydrates are important ingredients in a healthy, balanced diet. Beef, especially beef from grass-fed herds, is the preferred source of easy protein consumption for digestion and energy for many athletes.

Say no to fats

Like the rest of the population, those who do sports should avoid the frequent consumption of fatty foods. A simple and practical way to accomplish this is by using selective grilling, baking or microwave cooking methods.

Iron health

Iron, the mineral involved in the transport of oxygen throughout the body, plays an important role in athletics, as intensive training sessions require large amounts of iron and can cause temporary performance degradation and fatigue states.