Meat & Women


Meat & Women

The Flavor of Wellness:
Meat and Iron for Your Health

Vitamins, minerals and proteins. Chasing after our wellbeing is often puzzling, as we have to balance all of the nutrients and beneficial elements required by our bodies.

Today, we focus on women and the benefits of an iron rich diet, The female body has different requirements to males which must always be taken into account when deciding to adopt a particular diet. A variety of foods are high in iron, such as cereals, fruits and red meat, but the latter has proven most effective to avoid disadvantages related to iron deficiency.

Why meat?

Iron which is easily absorbed by the body is recommended by many nutritionists. Beef is a preferred source of iron for many athletes and is becoming increasingly popular with females.

What to eat with your beef?

• Combine meat with servings of vegetables and cereals.

• Give preference to drinks rich in vitamin C, such as freshly squeezed orange juice or grape juice.

• Do not drink excessive amounts of tea and coffee or other drinks that slows down the absorption of iron in your body

• Beans and peas are among the foods with high iron content, so it is a good habit to integrate them into your diet as much as possible.