Dry and Wet aged beef Selection | Quality European Beef

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What are the Concepts of Dry Aged and Wet Aged Beef?

Beef is one of the most preferred proteins around the world. We can hardly compare any delicacy to a hearty steak dinner. However, beef cannot be consumed before it goes through a process of ageing. Ageing breaks the connective tissue of beef and makes it fit for consumption. Owing to their ageing process, beef is of two types- wet aged beef and dry aged beef.

Beef ageing: why is it important?

Different countries from around the globe produce different kinds of beef and European beef is one of the most popular kinds. They are not only delicious but also high in nutritional value and overall good for health. However, every kind of beef, no matter where their source is, need to undergo this process of ageing to make it ready for consumption.

1.Dry aged beef:

The process of dry ageing beef is done by placing it on a rack or hanging it up for weeks. Also, for several cuts, like rib eye or sirloin, the piece of beef requires being refrigerated for a long time. It is required a particular temperature for dry ageing. Since the process takes a long time, dry ageing is practised only in certain butcher shops and steak restaurants.

With ageing, the moisture from the muscle of meat evaporates and makes it tastier. Also, the enzymes from the meat spread out and make it tender.

However, dry aged one is not very common because meat loses a lot of weight throughout the process. It is, therefore, a comparatively more expensive process.

2.Wet aged beef:

Wet aged is more common than dry aged. This type of ageing happens by placing beef inside a sealed bag to keep it moisture. It takes considerably less time than dry ageing beef, and since beef retains its moisture, it has no weight loss. Most producers, retailers and sellers stock wet aged beef for sale.

Eat healthy to stay fit:

No matter which type of beef ageing, it is important to eat only healthy meat. Since beef is rich in nutrients, it is one of the most preferred sources of iron. Unfortunately, many companies nowadays are pumping harmful steroids into cattle to make them fatter and grow faster. These chemicals not only degrade the meat quality but also have adverse effects on human health. Thus, it is very crucial to check the sources of your meat.

The European beef is one of the finest qualities of beef produced around the world. Most of the beef comes from cattle in Ireland and produce the best cuts available in market. This superior quality of European beef is a result of certain factors:

Ireland is rich in pasture land. The grass in the fields is the best for rearing and feeding cattle.

They have advanced technology, which combined with their traditional knowledge, helps to produce the best dry and wet aged beef for consumption.

The cows are bred from the highest pedigree. That is why they are highly fertile and ideal not just for beef consumption, but also for milk production.

Both the wet aged and dry aged beef are produced to be the best quality since during their preparation, topmost priority rests on food safety and sustainability.

So when you buy the beef, it is important to prioritize the quality of meat along with its taste.Traceability