Striploin Steaks | Ribeye Steaks | The Best Cut of Beef

Are You Getting the Best Beef for Cooking Striploin Steaks or Ribeye Steaks?

Our renowned local chefs offer authentic recipes of striploin and ribeye steaks. With manipulating the combination of raw ingredients, the best cuts of tender European beef steak will convert into a mouth-watering dish.

Beef is one of the most consumed meat products all around the world. Especially in Western countries, beef is the choice of protein for most people. It is not only a source of essential nutrients and high quality protein, but also a coveted item due to its taste. For example, if you are having guests for dinner, nothing can be better than serving them well-cooked Ribeye steaks with a glass of wine.

But, do you know about the different cuts of meat? Or where they are sourced from?

Let’s take a look.

Where is the source of this meat?

Like each country has different people, cows have distinct characteristics too. However, European beef has a high demand in most of the countries. The meat is delicious, and they give the best cuts for steak. Cook Ribeye steaks or Striploin steaks with this beef, and it is going be the best steak-meal ever!

There are many contributing factors to why European beef is superior to other varieties. These are:

Why buying the best beef for Ribeye steaks is essential?

Since beef is one of the richest sources of protein, most people include it in their regular diets. However, it is important to know if the beef you are buying for preparing Ribeye or Striploin steaks is adding anything to your nutritional value. Nowadays, there are many industrial beef production plants, which stuff animals with harmful steroids to make them grow faster and produce more meat. However, this practice does not have any benefit and in fact, can cause various diseases if consumed regularly.

European beef dedicates itself to eradicating this practice of pumping chemicals into cattle and even the farmlands. They practice a sustainable way of living, which aims at minimising the negative effects on environment, supporting local communities and bringing the best of Ireland’s farmlands to rest of the world. That is why the beef they produce is fresh, high quality and filled with the necessary nutrients.

Ireland always had its share of farms and greenery. Therefore, their knowledge of traditional farming and state of the art technology make sure their cattle are healthy. The country has some of the most superior breeds like Angus, Belgian Blue, Limousine and Hartford. Every cow breed has its characteristics and is world-renowned for their quality of meat.

So, regardless of the cut of steak, be it Ribeye steaks or Striploin steaks, ensure that you only get the best quality of beef to enjoy all its health benefits!